AccuWeather: Weather Tracker App Reviews

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So reliable it makes me laugh.

You can announce rain showers with an accuracy of about twenty minutes which I find unbelievable. This is what to use. Maybe others are as good already, i have been using AccuWeather for years with no plan to change.

Gradually being ruined.

This was a great app, very quick and easy to use. With successive upgrades it is getting more and more complex, and far less friendly.

The best

Easy to use and accurate

Used to be the best

The layout is horrible.

AccuWeather value

Never leave home without this!! Weather can change. AccuWeather gets it right within around 30 minutes of forecasts. Fantastic drpendability.

Great app for weather

Great app with lots of data about weather.

Since the "down" grade - useless

"Up"dated a few days ago and since then am getting mainly cached data!! The sliding hour-by-hour info is stuck 2 days behind, the 15 day overview shows today as the first day but when I click on it, I am warned that cached data will be displayed - and it is! What have you done??

Andy Duisburg

Echt super

Pretty accurate indeed!

Nice app, better than the preinstalled one


Great. The best Ive found. Ive just switched from the weather channel.

Best and most reliable wether app

Excellent app.



No notification center widget

I love the new update but the notification center widget doesnt work on my iPhone 6. If it would work I would give Accuweather 110%!

Not bad

Gets the weather right more or less in my area. A little laggy to use. I like the trending section and the fact that its offered by the actual AccuWeather staff. (Videos and such) Update 15/SEP/2016: Radar is glitched with the newest update. Wont load. Please fix.

App location always shows wrong

It got always wrong on notification though i select scarborough. It always gets reset

Love it !

Its soo handy I can check up on weather in advance. Every morning before I go to work I checked the weather.

Great app

Great app. Very accurate.

Great app.

Ive tried a lot off weather apps including the one included on my iPhone and this is by far the most complete.

Great app!

Great app and very easy to use. The most accurate weather app out there!

Great App and Accurate

This App has a lot of information on it and Ive found it to be accurate. Keep it up!!

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