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I love this app, I use it every day at work.

Love it, works great every time!

Thank you! Keep up the great upgrades


Best weather app this side of the moon. Never wonder again

Very accurate forecasts.

Best Ive seen.

The best

Definitely the best weather app I have seen. Easy to use, with the most important information easily at your fingertips.

Best I have used

This is the app to use if you want to have the most accurate weather. We used this on our trip to La. and again in Tx. and NM. It was right on evert time.


Very nice app

Top Weather App

Of all the weather apps, I keep coming back to AccuWeather. The interface is intuitive, tunable, and informative. The weather data is accurate and far surpasses that provided by other apps. Simply the best among many.

Useless App

I live in Latin America and doesnt give a real data ever.

Dumb update

New update makes the app big waste of time - bring back basic forecast


I enjoy Accuweather and trust it to give me accurate and up to the minute reports. It is one of my most used apps DebB AL

Hard to be better

Couldnt be better


This thing is broken! Today I took my dog out for a walk based on the "no rain for 120 minutes" and got soaked in a deluge in the first 10 minutes. Its been raining off and on and when I look at the app, it says rain "starting" in 19 minutes and its pouring! Thinking of trying a different app. Two frowny faces for accuracy

Dont like

I dont like this AccuWeather app for the iPhone. It only gives me the current temperature. Not hour by hour or 5 day outlook.

Great app

Easy to use. More accurate than other weather maps I have used.

Go to App

One of my go to weather apps. Accurate & easy to use ‼️

Best apps

Best apps.


ZERO ⭐️s. Significantly more difficult to find information. Much harder to scroll since ads are now positioned within the weather information. Where are the location boxes that used to be conveniently at the top of page? Fixing bugs should can and should be accomplished without major alterations to the format. ACCUWEATHER APP IS NO LONGER WORTH THE TIME IT TAKES TO SLOG THROUGH IT.

Could use a bit of tweaking

I love the "just the weather" rather than hype or glitz. Would like to get a better view of the hurricane maps. Got frustrated when I tried to check location and projection with Mathew

Stop with the spam emails

Your device has been randomly selected to win crap.

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